Miranda Gong: Senior memory

Miranda Gong

In my senior year, I finally joined the National Honor Society. When I stood in front of the stage in the auditorium, I swore that I would try my best to help other students who may have difficulties studying. I was really proud of myself. I never imagined that one day I could help other students studying in America. I cannot forget that I was afraid when I first came here. 

I studied at Archbishop Carroll for three years. Carroll gave me the most wonderful experience about America. I am a international student. I came to Carroll when I was a sophomore. I still can remember how I was afraid to come in the auditorium for the orientation, because my English was not fluent at that time. When I faced my classmates, I did not know how to talk with them and make friends with them. I was nervous that my classmates would not like me. I tried my best to join the class. However, it was really hard for me to understand the language and make some good friends here. I asked some international students who are in Carroll about how they adapted here. I tried to put more efforts on studying English and talking with people.

After the swearing, I could tell that I did not waste my three years in America. I really struggled with the difficulties of studying abroad. Also, I am not alone, because I made a lot of really good friends in Carroll. People are nice and kind. I am also thankful for all teachers in Carroll. You taught me so many things, not only in the textbook, but also about life. I loved Carroll, and I believe that these three years will be my best three years of my life.