Philip Hatfield: Senior memory

Philip Hatfield

My favorite senior memory was photography class because of the chance to leave school early to go and take pictures. This was my favorite because it gave me an opportunity to do my own thing and take the pictures that I choose. 

Photography class was fun because of some of the rather interesting conversations that were had while we were in the classroom. I was also given the nickname “ip” for some reason. Even though I just stared out of the window most of the class it was actually fun when I was paying attention. Also seeing Kenny play with the filters on the computers or his complete inability to get the battery out of the camera were both equally funny to watch. It also was fun when Ms. Ginn would out of nowhere start playing Taylor Swift and ask what we think of the song. 

Being in photography class also gave me the opportunity to go to New York for the day, which was funny because we almost got lost because we couldn’t figure out where we were going. Although the weather wasn’t the greatest, it only added to how chaotic it was, and the more chaotic it is, the more fun it is. When we went to get something to eat, we went about three blocks in the wrong direction and just ended up settling for Dunkin, where I only bought a bottle of water.