Nicholas Malloy: Senior memory

Nicholas Malloy

Time flies by when you are having fun and I believe that is the reason that my four years here at Archbishop Carroll High School went by so quickly. Getting to know everyone in my grade and especially my best friends and my group of friends has made these years the best years of my life so far. 

I think I can remember everyone who I have ever had classes with or even classmates I have passed in the hallway. I have become very close to my friends and don’t want to lose them when we go to college. 

Two of my closest friends and I have played soccer all four years of high school. While playing soccer I learned to deal with difficult situations and complications regarding how to work with others who might not think the same way as I think. Going into senior year we got a new coach. This got the other seniors on the team and I upset because we really liked our old coach. We had to work through this bump in the road and try our best to have the year we wanted to have, one that was filled with fun and hard work. 

High school has taught me many useful things that I know I will be able to use and relate to going into college and in the future.