Caleb Rottloff: Senior memory

Caleb Rottloff

Many great things have happened at Archbishop John Carroll High School but for me the best thing was the friendships I made. 

My two best friends from school, Mike Arena and Andy Borkowski, introduced me to my friends Joey Finley and Jake Weber sophomore year and since then Carroll has been a lot of fun.

Jake was like a brother to me and after he passed away last summer, we all grew a lot closer together. I now realize some of my best memories are at Carroll hanging out with Jake, Mike, Andy, and all my other friends who graduated. We’d always play football at lunch and Finley, Jake and me were unstoppable. Mr. Keehn hated us and we loved to give him a hard time.

I also enjoyed having class with Miss Mac.  She helped me out through hard times and is always trying her best to help me. 

My favorite thing school related was being able to go to tech school. I learned many things I’ll be able to use in the real world and got a career because of going there. I also liked tech because I’d be able to wake up everyday at 7:30 and I’d get a hour break to go home before driving in for lunch. 

My least favorite part about Carroll is writing these papers. It’s my least favorite because I’m just typing things to get 300 words written and because I’m never going to need to do papers ever again after I graduate. 

High school isn’t just about learning: it’s also about making memories that will last the rest of our lives and Carroll has done that for me.