YiFei Shen: Senior memory

YiFei Shen

Regardless of any doctrine, one of the most reluctant words to ask for is graduation. Graduation means separation. Teachers and classmates who get along with the day and night are the most beautiful and happy things in life, but there is no eternal party in the world. It also means growing from the past to allow us to meet new challenges.

At this moment, I think about the past of my whole high school, especially when the day of graduation day gets closer and closer. In my memory, there is laughter and crying all around. Emotional release. Students with good grades have been admitted to prestigious schools, and there are students who are going to study in other countries, but they don’t know when they will meet again. The reluctance to graduate at that time is deeply engraved in the memory and could not be erased.

Compared with the Chinese junior high school, studying in an American high school is a brand new learning stage. It was a beautiful and pleasant learning journey. I started to meet new friends and learned more knowledge and interesting things. Students have their own strengths. The students live in harmony and are full of happiness. A full four years of time has allowed students to build trust and friendship with each other. That period of time is innocent, beautiful, and precious. I remember talking and laughing with those good “buddies” every day, solving problems together, sharing things when I am happy, playing together on weekends, studying together, and leaving many good memories.

However, four years of life was lightning-fast. In a blink of an eye, the day of high school graduation came unexpectedly. I can’t help but sigh: Time is so beautiful, but so short. Unfortunately, this year’s graduation ceremony was the biggest regret. Although there is very little time to get together in the last year, I will not forget my friendship and I will let this memory last forever. In fact, I really want to play games, eat, and watch movies together, and then at that moment, we will hug each other and take a group photo.

The time in high school will be in my heart forever and will never be erased. At the same time, I remind myself to cherish the junior high school life, remembering the happiness of high school is to make myself live every day in the present.