COVID tests available off Carroll campus


Mrs. Maureen Lerario is Archbishop Carroll’s school nurse.

Audrey Becker, Staff writer

Archbishop Carroll students who want to know if they have contracted the coronavirus will not be able to do so on school grounds. 

Carroll’s school nurse, Maureen Lerario, said that COVID tests are not available at school. 

“I recommend that whoever wants to get tested see their physician or their local health clinic.” said Lerario.  

The test itself involves a nasal swab, which is basically a six-inch-long cotton swab that is inserted into the cavity between the nose and the mouth. The collected sample is then sent to a lab for testing.

Senior Caleb Carter described his experience of undergoing a COVID test as “very uncomfortable – I started coughing and my eyes started watering.” 

Carter  booked an appointment for his test at Sayre High School in Philadelphia after experiencing a fever, sore throat, headache, body aches, and other coronavirus symptoms. His results were negative.

Testing facilities are located near the school. For example, Penn Medicine, at 145 King of Prussia Road in Radnor, performs COVID tests on patients who have shown symptoms or have an upcoming surgical procedure, although an appointment is required. Similarly, the Delaware Valley Community Health Center, at the Norristown Regional Health Center at 1401 Dekalb Street, provides tests under the same conditions as Penn Medicine, but restricts available tests to residents of Montgomery County. Many CVS locations also provide this service. All of these locations have more detailed information on their respective websites.