Mr. Devin Gallagher makes COVID-19 fashion statements


Mr. Devin Gallagher shows off one of his matching bow tie-and-face-mask sets.

Kelly Fowler, Staff writer

Mr. Devin Gallagher, Archbishop Carroll’s broadcast journalism teacher, has a collection of ties and bow ties with matching masks.

Mr. Gallagher said that the idea of matching masks with ties started out as a joke. Mrs. Gimpel even joked about it, saying he was “cheating on his tie collection.”

His sister, Shannon, makes masks and has gifted him ties and bowties in the past. One of the masks his sister had made him matched a previous tie she had gifted him. Mr. Gallagher wore this matching set and Mrs. Courtney Peters, who is the school’s director of communication, asked him if he had more matching sets. He did not have anything planned but decided it would be interesting to get some.

Shannon will continue making Mr. Gallagher matched sets of masks and ties throughout the year.

His favorite ones are his Super Mario Bros set, his Super Hero set, and his Star Trek set. Mr. Gallagher said he loves them because they are things he has loved throughout his life and remind him of some of his favorite memories, like playing original Mario games, collecting comic books, and seeing movies.

“I have literally seen everything there is to see that has the title Star Trek in the name,” said Mr. Gallagher.