From The Jackson 5 to Justin Bieber, Carroll Students Have A Lot to Say About Popular Holiday Hits

From The Jackson 5 to Justin Bieber, Carroll Students Have A Lot to Say About Popular Holiday Hits

Lucia Kamanousa, Staff writer

With Christmas right around the corner, Carroll students are getting in the holiday spirit. What’s a better way to get into the groove of the season than by jamming to Christmas songs?

Many topics prompt lengthy debate: politics, politics, religion, the list goes on. However, when it comes to Christmas songs, it’s a yay or nay situation. Ten Carroll students were asked one simple question: “What’s a Christmas song that you are passionate about, in a positive or negative way, and why?”

One junior named one popular hit by the Jackson 5 that gets her in the holiday spirit.

“I like ‘I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus’ because it’s cute,” said junior Alexxa Hepburn-Rose. “Michael Jackson just demolishes those high notes every time. ” 

One junior spoke about her favorite Latino Christmas song.

“Even though it’s not a popular Christmas song, ‘MI burrito savanero’ by Coral Voces Blancas reminds me of home and the holiday season whenever I hear it,” said junior Daniela Flores. “It’s a popular Latino song that all Latinx people know whenever it comes.”

One freshman spoke of her grade school experience with a song she sung in Christmas pageant that always got her in the festive mood.

“Pentatonix’s ‘Carol the Bells’ was a nice song,” said freshman Shannon McGee. “Even though I didn’t adore performing for the school year after year, ‘Carol the Bells’ always made it worth it.” 

Although many Carroll students loving Christmas songs, there are some that just want to turn the radio off when the holiday season rolls around. One senior who isn’t the biggest fan of Christmas songs expressed how she felt one song by the Biebs just doesn’t sit right with her.

“I’m not even a fan of Christmas songs but I specifically despise ‘Mistletoe’ by Justin Bieber because I think it’s weird because he’s turning Christmas into a way to get girls,” said senior Aleja Barrea-Cruz. “It’s just a creepy song.”

That’s not the only Christmas song that gives some Carroll students the creeps. Another example of a Christmas bop that creeps one freshman out is a well-known Frank Sinatra hit. 

“The song ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ is just so creepy,” said freshman Shana Mathews. “It’s catchy and everything, but once actually listening to the lyrics in sixth or seventh grade, it just creeped me out.”

One freshman finds a Christmas classic by Gayla Peevey irritating. 

“I think the girl that sings ‘I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas’ is so annoying,” said freshman Julia Tomosky. “A hippopotamus has nothing to do with Christmas, so why it’s in a Christmas song, I don’t know.” 

Although there were some students who weren’t the biggest fans of popular Christmas songs, seven out of ten students spoke positively on popular Christmas hits. Considering those results, it’s about time to turn up the Christmas radio.