Senior goodbye: Anna Winslow

Anna Winslow

Dear Younger Anna,

      Your high school experience has been a mix of ups and downs, but overall you should be proud of what you have achieved. You don’t understand how the long nights, the early mornings, the long travels, and the tears have paid off. You have doubted yourself during the troubled times but looking back you have accomplished more than you ever thought possible. Be thankful for the people around you especially your family because without them what you have accomplished would not have been possible. As you enter this new chapter in your life, I hope you find joy in every and anything you do. Your future is bright even though you may not know what it entails. No one will truly know what you have gone through, how it affected you, and why you act the way you do. In college, you will discover the things you love so remember to keep an open mind. Also remember that college is a privilege, and your parents are willing to pay because they see something in you. 

      The people you met have all impacted your life for better or for worse. You have fallen out with people you thought would be in your life forever, you have become closer to people you wouldn’t think you would, and you have gained new friendships in just a short amount of time. You were not meant to be friends with everyone and God took them out of your life for a reason. Never hate or resent a person for how they treated you because their actions do not define you and how you treated them.

     Breathe and relax everything will be alright. Sad times will come, mental health will struggle, and happiness and joy will come. No matter how many challenges you face, never give up because Ma raised a fighter. Continue to shine your light and grace on others! “Accept what is, let go of what was, and have faith in what will be.”


Anna Winslow