Kairos 110 goes to Malvern on Monday

Alycia Mintze, Staff writer

Archbishop Carroll’s final Kairos retreat for the Class of 2023 will be next week.

The Kairos retreat offers seniors a chance to develop relationships with God and other people away from their typical daily routine. It is also a chance to become more conscious of the fact that everyone was made in God’s likeness and image. 

Like all Kairos retreats, Kairos 110 will be held at the Malvern Retreat House. Unlike other Kairos retreats, Kairos 110 will be held Monday afternoon through Thursday afternoon so retreatants and teacher leaders will be able to participate in PatrioTHON, Carroll’s annual student-led fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Philadephia and Catholic Relief Services, which will happen Friday, March 31. Kairos usually runs Tuesday afternoon through Friday afternoon.

One of the teacher leaders for Kairos 110 is Mrs. Diane Gimpel, a 12th grade English teacher. She’s been a leader on four previous Carroll Kairos retreats.

“Kairos has been a great experience for me because I get to see my kids develop deeper friendships with each other and with God,” said Mrs. Gimpel. 

Mara Parker will be one of the student leaders on Kairos 110.

“Being a leader on Kairos made me realize that there is so much beyond just myself,” she said. “Before, I was kinda just in my own world, but going on the retreat really opened me up to other people and their stories.” 

Abigail Martinez said she is looking forward to the retreat.

“I’m excited to go on Kairos to experience the bond formed with the whole group and overall getting to know my classmates better and develop a closer relationship with God,” she said.