Student benefits from CSC while serving


Miranda Gong c/o Lifetouch

Miranda Gong

The Community Service Corps (CSC) provides many opportunities for students to exercise their passion for service. I have been a member of the CSC for three years. I learned a lot of things from helping other people. While doing service, I am satisfied because I use my own limited power to help other people.

The most impressive service for me is the soup kitchen. I go to the soup kitchen every Thursday after school. My job is to pack the food and tell the people how many items they can take from the shelves. It doesn’t sound that fun, but I really enjoy it, because when the people finish their shopping and tell me to have a great night, I feel I really did something for society.

Every time, I meet different people. Sometimes, when people are waiting to take the items from the shelves, I have a short conversation with them. They share their daily lives or their experiences with me. It is really interesting because I can hear a lot of new stories from doing service. Once there was a Malasian family who came to the soup kitchen. They spoke Chinese. They shared with me the story of how they moved to America. I used Chinese to tell them how many items they can take. It was a really interesting thing for me.

Although every Thursday is my most tiring day of the week, I still really enjoy service.