Abigail Klepac: Senior memory

Abigail Klepac

My favorite memory from Carroll would have to be the cheerleading team: anything from practices, to competitions, to camps and games. I don’t have a specific memory because they were all my favorite. I tried out for the cheer team my freshman year, and  made varsity! 

I made so many great friendships with girls on the cheer team. We were a family. Even my oldest sister was the jv coach and my other sister was on the team with me along with my two cousins. 

Not going to lie, I did not try out my junior and senior year because the coach was rude, but I still love her <3. Worst decision I ever made, and I don’t know why people didn’t try to talk me back into it. I would probably do anything to go back and finish out my cheerleading career in high school. My senior year I missed cheer so much that my sister and I volunteered to coach Visitation grade school cheer. It wasn’t the same as being a cheerleader, being able to go out on the mat, but it was still so much fun.