Emily Faso

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


The time I have spent at Archbishop Carroll High School is time I will always cherish. Regardless of the ups and downs I have experienced these four years, I have learned so many life lessons, encountered so many inspiring teachers, and formed connections with so many amazing, genuine people who I can now say have become some of my very best friends, and I genuinely could never picture living my life without ever meeting them.

My first step onto campus was something I will never forget. The welcoming presence the school held instantly signified that it was the right school for me, and it was where I wanted to spend the next most formative years of my teenage life at. From freshman year up until now, I have met people that I don’t know where I would’ve ended up without. On top of being such supportive, positive lights in my life, they each have taught me so many lessons that I will always hold near and dear to my heart, and I would have never been introduced to prior to my attendance at this school.

My experience at Archbishop Carroll taught me drive. It taught me to persevere when things were hard, because no matter how low I felt, there was always someone there who lifted me up, and made me realize I am not alone, and anything I go through I will get through, stronger than I ever was before. The students and teachers at this school gave me the confidence I had never seen in myself before. They allowed me to learn a lot of different things about myself that I now recognize have gradually formed me into the strong woman I am becoming today.

Truthfully, I do not think I would have learned what true friendship was if I did not choose Archbishop Carroll, and I will truly never forget the memories I have made in these hallways. Regardless of absolutely anything, I truly wouldn’t change a thing about my four years here for the world.