Julia Basciano

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


Although I have only been here for two years, my time at Archbishop Carroll has been a whirlwind, to say the least.

Bringing it back to the summer coming into my junior year, I was introduced to Coach Beers and the Carroll players. I won’t lie: the first time I met everyone, I was terrified of them. Even though I was scared, I decided to give Carroll a shot.

On my first day of junior year and Carroll, I showed up late. No, this was not on purpose. I got the time wrong, and on top of that, I had no clue how to get around. Fortunately, two nice girls walked me to Mrs. Cahill’s room. Walking into the room I only knew one person, Keri. Keri was also a new transfer and a lacrosse player so she felt the awkwardness, too. As the day went on it got a little better. I was meeting new people and all were so kind and helped me out.

After a wild first day, there was still the rest of the school year to look forward to. My friends and I were making the best memories throughout the year. Lacrosse season came around and this was the thing I had been waiting for all year. The team and I were two weeks into the season when the most demoralizing thing happened: COVID. To this day, I remember the exact way I felt on my last day in school being a junior. My last day being in school was the day that everyone was told we would just be virtual for two weeks. Well, that was a lie. Our lacrosse season was canceled, the school was fully virtual, restaurants were closed, and you felt like you couldn’t even leave the house. There was the ending to my junior year.

Senior year comes around and at this point, all I wanted to do was just have fun. That has been all I have done. I have made the best memories with my friends, teammates, and classmates. My time has been nothing short of fun memories. 

All I have left to say is: Thank you, Carroll.