Morgan McFarland

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


Goodbyes are always hard. Even if you don’t necessarily like who/what you’re saying goodbye to, goodbyes are hard.

When I first came to Carroll I had no expectations. I was one of 7 students from my middle school, and none of them were in my assigned classes. Despite my little experience in high school, from all the movies and television shows, as if TV is a reliable source,  I was sure that high school wouldn’t be what it’s cracked up to be.

This was my mindsight freshman year. I was uncertain as to what Carroll would do for me, or how important it would become. During my freshman year, I was so excited to graduate. Every day was so long, and I felt that I’ d never leave high school.  I’ll never forget Mr. Murphy telling my 5th period world history class how we’ ve completed a measly 6% of our high school experience after completing our first quarter of high school. As a senior, about to graduate in roughly two weeks, I shake my head at my 9th grade thoughts. I thought it was cliché when teachers said that these four years fly by, but they were right. I actually find myself wanting to stay at Carroll. Who would’ve thought that I, the girl who was so eager to graduate high school, would now be hesitant to leave?

On a lighter note, I’ve greatly enjoyed my time at Carroll. I’ve made the best friends a girl can have, taken some pretty cool classes, and had the privilege of being taught by some very cool teachers. Shout out to Mr. Kirsch, Mr. Cummings and Mr. Murphy, lol. I’ve even grown to really like that cringe-y saying that all the administrators rave about: “Carroll is a family.” I thought it was just a cringe-y saying that administrators and teachers used to get freshmen to feel more included but to an extent, Carroll really is like a family. I never expected so many past alumni to support current students and it’s nice. I especially see this sense of family with St. Katherine Day School. Despite St. Katherine’s technically being a different school, they’re always attending our masses, and celebrating our sports victories. St. Katherine’s being a part of the Carroll community is part of the reason why my time at Carroll has been as good as it was. I joined Best Buddies my freshman year and haven’t looked back since.

Carroll was not what I expected, in the best way. I had no real expectations for the friends I would make, the things I would learn, or the experiences I would have, so thank you. Thank you to all my friends who made high school bearable, thank you to all my teachers who truly cared about us students and wanted the best for us, Thank you, Mrs. Crouse, for always being at the Carroll Corner and putting a smile on my face, lol, and thank you, Carroll, for being the place that allowed me to meet all these people. Although I’m excited for college, I can admit, to the dismay of freshman year Morgan, that I’ll miss Carroll.

This chapter of my life is coming to an end, but I’ m excited to see what the next chapter has in store for me. Now I leave with some advice for students still in high school, but specifically freshmen:  enjoy your time at Carroll, and get involved as much as you can. You’ll miss out if you don’t. 

Once again, thank you, Carroll, and goodbye.