Chloe Peddy

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


This message is to thank my friends and teachers for making my four years at Carroll complete.

Thank you, Mr. Yanez, for always giving me good grades in psych class and offering extra credit because you thought I cleaned up after labs. Thank you for flipping my test grade when you accidentally graded it wrong—I felt quite intelligent when I spotted that error.

Thank you, Mr. Murphy, for making me enjoy history class. I always struggled or lost interest in that subject until you were my teacher. I always looked forward to your class because you were funny, lively, and a remarkable teacher.

Thank you, Mr. McKenna, for being such a refreshing teacher. Though your handwriting was a tad unreadable and I was the youngest in that class, you taught in a way that allowed me to excel. I know I was one of your top students in that class and it was a pleasure. 

Thank you, Mrs. Glow., for being the sweetest teacher I have ever had. When teaching government, you continued to stay mutual for your students and I appreciated it. When there was ever tension in the class, you always found a middle ground or diverted our attention.

Thank you, Mrs. Bacalou, for being the best French teacher out of all the teachers Carroll has hired for that subject.  Sorry that I will not continue to learn French but I still remember a few words/phrases. However, I will use it all whenever I visit Paris.

Thank you, Mr. Cummings, for preparing us for job interviews, college life, and checking our homework at the end of class. I also want to thank you for moving Ryann and me up to honors and believing in us. In addition, you would help students with problems on the test so loudly that it was as if you were helping the whole class. You are truly a lifesaver! 

Thank you, Mrs. Young, for proofreading my essays before I handed them in for grading. I struggle with writing papers so I sincerely appreciate your help and guidance.

Thank you, Mr. Scanlan, for enjoyably teaching history. Test corrections helped a great deal and sometimes I would not need them. I will be a psychology major in college so I was able to catch a glimpse of what to expect.

Thank you, Mr. O’Donnell, for being a temporary teacher for my sociology class. My tests and quarter grade were the highest it has ever been all thanks to you.

Thank you, Ms. Carpenter, for being down-to-earth, understanding, funny, and inspiring. Having me all four years as an art student saved me from taking a gym class. I tapped into my artistic skills through your class; I now want to become an art therapist.

Lastly, thank you to all my friends who I looked forward to seeing when attending school. I truly could not have completed these four years without them.