Carroll’s varsity boys soccer team suffers loss to Dock



Carroll’s varsity boys soccer team fought hard against Dock.

Gabriel Petrecz, Staff writer

Archbishop Carroll’s varsity boys soccer team fought hard in their 10th game of the season. Although defeated 0-1 by the Dock Mennonite Academy Pioneers, the team persisted until the end. 

“I was really proud of how the boys battled on Friday,” said goalie and senior captain Connor O’Brien. “Our play that night was very encouraging and gives me hope for how we will play the rest of this season.” 

The atmosphere was perfect for Friday night’s game. There was a chill in the air. Lots of fans from both teams showed and cheered on the players throughout the night. Times were tense as the ball kept going from one side of the field to the other.  

“I guess the laps on laps of running they do in practice pays off… they’re like cheetahs out there,” said junior Lucia Kamanousa, who was cheering on her brother Lowell. 

By halftime, neither of the teams had scored. 

“We held them 0-0 at the half and both teams fought hard till the end,” said junior Evan Petrecz.

Early in the second half, neither team had managed to score. Coaches and kids yelled as the ball neared each of the goals multiple times. As the 10-minute mark appeared on the game clock, the Pioneers scored. 

“Varsity played great,” said sophomore Sean Goodridge. “We have played better each game and hope next time we’re on the field to bring home a win.”

Sophomore Lowell Kamanousa also sounded optimistic.

“Although the score didn’t turn out in our favor, it was an aggressive game, probably the best we’ve played all season,” said sophomore Lowell Kamanousa. “On this coming Tuesday though, we’ll be back.”