Students bring enthusiasm to homecoming game but Patriots suffer a loss



Carroll’s Patriots set up for a play during the homecoming game.

Samantha Rock, Staff writer

Enthusiastic students came to Archbishop Carroll’s homecoming football game Oct. 16 against Saints John Neumann and Maria Goretti High School to support their classmates.

Despite losing every game this season, most Carroll students brought an optimistic attitude to the football game.

“I am very excited for the homecoming game,” said junior Connor Archbold. “I think that we have a good shot.”

Junior Nicolette Militello had a similar attitude.

“I am very excited,” Militello said.

Carroll’s cheerleaders hyped up the crowd and tried to boost happiness.

“Even though Carroll’s football team isn’t the best … I love the energy of the crowds and the cheerleaders,” said freshman Catherine Dambrowski

A group of freshmen said they were excited for their first ever high school homecoming football game and dance. They said that even though Carroll does not have the best football team, the game was still interesting and they had fun.

Also at the homecoming football game was the Carroll band, which played whenever something good happened for Carroll’s football team.

“From my perspective it’s more entertaining … being in a band,” said junior clarinet player Ashley Sion. “I am having fun.” 

At half time the names of the seniors who were on the homecoming court were announced. These students were escorted onto the football field by their parents to hear the names of the winners. The winners of Carroll’s 2021 homecoming king and queen were Liam Buckley and Emma Talago. Additionally, during half time the winner of the 50/50 took home $386. 

Even though Carroll was down going into the second half of the game, some students remained hopeful in the football team. 

“Going into the second half, there is no way we are going to lose,” said junior Tom Frein.

Throughout the game, Carroll had multiple tackles and turnovers. By the end of the game, most students had gone home, already predicting the outcome of the game. Unfortunately, Carroll continued their losing streak with a final score of 0-54.

“I personally think that it was not our best game due to mental mistakes and issues that we could’ve controlled, but our opponent was a very talented team and definitely was competitive,” said junior football player AJ Dilks. “However, I think our team gave great effort throughout the week of practices and the game, it’s just really hard having such a young team and overcoming the adversity we have been facing.”