Senior goodbye: Monte Bradley-Brown

Monte Bradley-Brown

Dear Reader,

After four years at Archbishop John Carroll I’ve learned a few things. It’s always a good idea to let someone else open the window. There were two instances I can think of where people got hurt trying. Besides that, lots of them are jammed or broken and it’s a waste of time and energy trying. Some of the teachers will also get annoyed if you open a window, especially if you do not ask first. On occasion windows will turn into arguments between students and teachers because it will be one hundred degrees on one side of the room and negative twenty on the other.

Another thing I learned is that the freshman and sophomore years are the hardest work wise and while you might not think it at the time, you are annoying. That’s okay, though. I’m pretty sure everyone is those first two years. Also, in those first two years you will probably get a ton of guidance slips and in your last two years you will not. You should go anyway. They can help with college work. By junior year things may seem relaxed but that year’s grades matter the most, assuming you want to go to a good college. 

It is good to have close friends, but don’t rely on them too much. Some leave and go to other schools. Some will let you copy their work and will be mad when you both get caught but won’t express that because they are too giving. And some will make new friends entirely. It is fun to go to social events but it’s also expensive and sometimes not the smartest thing to do, especially if you don’t fully trust the people you are hanging out with. I had a few friends earlier in my four years at Carroll who I had tons of fun with in school and out of school, but they weren’t right for me. Getting written up wasn’t terrible but after a while I started to realize it wasn’t really worth it. The administration at Carroll would stress that we were still Carroll students outside of school, and I never fully understood that until my entire bus got in trouble.


Monte Bradley-Brown