Senior goodbye: Joseph Pagliotti

Joseph Pagliotti

Dear Archbishop Carroll students,

My time at Archbishop Carroll is coming to an end and it has been an amazing ride. I am taking with me so many great memories and experiences that I have to share a few. Some of my fondest memories are with the friendships I have created with my fellow classmates. When I came here I made such great friends in the sports I played, which were basketball and football. I love that it doesn’t matter what year you are. If your a senior, you could be friends with a freshman. That is cool about Carroll. Not all schools are like that. 

The faculty and staff are pretty awesome but they expect a lot from you. It got me ready for bigger things like St. Joe’s University. My time in class with my peers will never be forgotten. The  good laughs in the morning in the parking lots and after school.  Wawa runs before practice were some of the best days. My teammates on the basketball team and the crazy drills and workouts will forever be a part of me. They were intense days but great ones! The golf team was another great time with my team and good friends. We had some laughs on those courses.  Kairos retreat was by far one of the best experiences of my life so far. I am so glad I got to experience this with all of my peers. It brought us all so much closer to each other and to God. 

One of my last memories but favorite thing about Carroll is a sport I have grown to love so much, which is lacrosse. I am sorry I waited until my senior year to play it but I am hooked. My team is amazing and we have a tight bond like I  do with all my teams at Carroll. It’s the first thing I said when I came to Carroll to visit. I said, “It feels like a brotherhood here.” It sure does and they will forever be all my brothers and sisters here at Carroll. Forever a Patriot and I will always bleed red, white and black!! Peace out 2022!! It’s been amazing — except for Covid . 

Your Brother,  

 Joseph Pagliotti