Senior goodbye: Abigail Birch

Abigail Birch

Dear Carroll friends,

I can’t believe that it is almost the end of high school, so I wanted to write this letter to thank you guys. Thank you for always being there for me when I was dealing with issues either at home or at school. Especially with last year, I was kind of going through some things and I really appreciated you guys just being there. Also, thank you for helping me when I had an inspiration block or pushing me to get it done when I had trouble getting my homework done. Also, thank you for getting me or giving me something to eat when I was really hungry and didn’t have any or much to eat. I also would like to thank you guys for helping me interact with more people and tell people when I need help more than I have done. I had a lot more fun and gained greater memories in high school because of you guys, so thank you. 

Throughout these four years at Carroll, there have been good and bad times, and most of my good or better experiences here have been with you guys. Some of my favorite memories are during hanging out in Mr. Gallagher’s room with my friends. In his classroom, there is a very positive and sometimes quiet environment. I have also liked going to game club with you guys and the games that we would play. Specifically in senior year, I also like and appreciate when you guys spend time with me after school and sometimes drive me to Starbucks and sometimes go with me to Starbucks. In freshman and sophomore year, I also really enjoyed the pep rallies because they were kind of fun to watch, we got out of classes early, and we got to sit together. One of the last things that is probably like my second or third favorite memory about Carroll is the senior retreat because I got to be around you guys and it felt more relaxed than I initially thought it was going to be. 

Senior year has probably been the best year out of all three from the four years at Carroll. Besides the fact that senior year is the year that we got back to school after COVID, I preferred this year as a whole. Senior year I was able to hang out with you guys more than the previous three years and better classes even though there was probably more work than the other three years. This year I enjoyed having more classes with you guys, like Photography, lunch, Theology, and Pre-Calculus. Like in Pre-Calculus, when I was having trouble either you helped me figure it out, which helped me do better in that class throughout the year. Also in Photography, you made it more fun and made completing the projects more fun to do. So, I would like to thank you guys for everything. 


      Abigail Birch