Senior goodbye: Harilaos Angelis

Harilaos Angelis

Dear Archbishop Carroll Community, 

I can’t believe that I’m already a senior and almost ready to receive my diploma in 3 weeks. Would I be prepared for college and the real world without this school? Certainly not. I am beyond grateful for what the school has had to offer me because I have grown in basically every aspect of my life since freshman year. Whether I had any questions or issues with my academics, athletics, or future plans, there was always a student or faculty member to help guide me in the right direction. What I love most about this school has to be its family-like atmosphere and strong faith programs. Even though I am not Catholic, I understand how beneficial theology classes and other faith-based groups have positively impacted myself and my classmates. 

From someone who has spent all 4 years at Carroll, my best advice to give to the underclassmen is to maximize your time and don’t take it for granted. It feels like the summer of 2018 wasn’t too long ago when I met my first friends on the soccer team during the preseason. It’s difficult to think that the class of 2022 has only had one full and normal year of high school. With that being said, make sure you create as many relationships as possible with students and teachers, especially through extracurriculars such as sports and after-school clubs. The best way you will do that is by being yourself and doing what you love the most. For those who don’t know what their plans are for after high school, don’t be stressed. There are many teachers and guidance counselors at Carroll to help you throughout that process. If you carefully weigh out all your options and keep an open mind, then the process won’t be as stressful as it may seem to be. 

As I look back on the past 4 years, I have made countless memories and learned important lessons along the way. It’s very difficult to point out my favorite memory because of the number of great ones I’ve made. But, I’d like to say the best thing Carroll has given me is the soccer program. This has been a place where I’ve created such tight bonds with my friends that it felt like a brotherhood. The coaches always wanted the best out of us on the field and in the classroom which has taught me the importance of balancing academics and athletics, especially for myself who will be playing at the next level. Being named team captain and receiving a couple of accolades in my senior year wouldn’t have been possible without the help of my teammates, coaches, and family members who have constantly supported me. 

Thank You, 

Harry Angelis