Senior goodbye: Jasmine Nguyen

Jasmine Nguyen

Dear Future Jasmine,

I am nearing the end of my senior year and there are many emotions running through my head. I feel so much excitement but sadness at the same time. The four years of high school all went by so quickly that it is difficult for me to recall all of the memories I’ve made here at this school. I’ve grown so many amazing relationships, learned everything I needed to know for college, and became a completely different person; all in the span of a couple of years! 

In freshman year, I was super nervous but was not worried about how I would do in school. I was more nervous about how many friends I was going to make and how I looked in my uniform. All these things were dumb and I really should have been focusing on different things. I learned that it does not matter how many friends I have, what I looked like, or what I was posting on my social media. I cannot believe it took four years to realize this, but I am glad I did. This realization has helped me become my own person and truly find who I am. It was also difficult dealing with all the hardships of my mental health as well but the teachers and the friends I made here all helped me get through it.

In sophomore year, my relationship with my parents improved because of how much I have matured. Through the stressful times of COVID, I got to spend more time with them at home and have dinner with them every night. During the junior year of Carroll, the school was in hybrid mode and it was crazy. We would alternate from going into school and then having school on Zoom. Masks were also mandatory and many people would often have to quarantine because they got sick. I also got sick myself for three weeks. I feel like this experience has prepared me for anything that is thrown my way. 

Although I have not graduated yet, I am already starting to feel nostalgic. I am disappointed to leave my friends and go to New York by myself but I know I will be okay, just like how I got through high school. It is time for a new stage in my life where I will have to be a freshman once again.