Senior goodbye: Katarina Philipp

Katarina Philipp

Dear Archbishop Carroll, 

Thank you for everything! As my senior year comes to a close, I have taken a moment to reflect on everything that I have gained, from Carroll, in the past four years. I am thankful for all the friendships, memories, life lessons, and religious experiences Carroll has given me. For each of these gifts and more, I am so grateful that I was able to attend Archbishop Carroll. 

When I think about Carroll, my first memory comes to mind: my freshman Day One. I remember traveling through the halls, tracing my schedule, and trying to figure out how to navigate across the school in four minutes. I recall meeting my classmates, and how we were all slightly uncomfortable with the new building and with one another. I remember being introduced to a small group of upperclassmen in the chapel. They were raving about how the magic of Carroll changed their lives. I thought to myself and wondered how a building and a community could have the power to do such a thing. Now, when I look back on my years here, I would agree that Carroll has changed my life. 

I am saddened by the thought of leaving Carroll behind, but I know I am taking such a big part of Carroll with me when I graduate. For example, I have made friendships here that are sure to last. I met some of my best friends through playing on the field hockey and lacrosse teams and by managing the ice hockey and wrestling teams. I have also formed meaningful relationships with teachers who I hope to communicate with in years to come. 

As for the underclassmen, I have to tell them to make the most of their time here. I’d  tell them to come in each day with the expectation that each day here is better than the previous one. I would tell them that Carroll is truly a magical place if you take the time to get involved. I’d say that being a part of the community is the best way to experience Carroll and all it has to offer. Most importantly, I would tell them to have fun.

All in all, thank you Archbishop Carroll for giving me a memorable high school experience. I will miss you. 


Katarina Philipp