Senior goodbye: Jessica Hoppel

Jessica Hoppel

Dear high school, 

I just wanted to say thank you for every good and bad memory that I’ve had. I could not have learned what I have these past four years from watching a show or movie. The friendships, the connections that have been made are endless and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. The first day of freshman year was a start to a whole new chapter in my life. It may just be my favorite chapter yet.  

Sophomore year especially was a blur for me. COVID began and I was stuck in a never ending loop of negativity. Despite all the bad, I was able to find some good in it. On my 16th birthday I had gotten my permit. I was proud.  Then junior year came, and I have to admit this was one of my favorites. Junior year was about figuring out your life, and I was able to find some great friends to guide me in the right directions. The college search had begun all of my life. Everyone thinks you need to have your life figured out at that very moment when they ask you, and you don’t. I’ve spent four years of my life trying to figure that out. I want to have an answer for them but I simply don’t and that’s ok, because my dreams and goals are always changing.  Carroll challenged me and also helped me in ways to be more responsible and a better individual. 

Now onto the last year of my high school career ever: senior year. Senior year I thought everything was going to be stressful. I had to send out applications for colleges and I thought my grades were terrible. This has been a ride itself. The memories and all of the things you get to do your senior year you will never forget. I got the opportunity to go on Kairos. I feel that it changed a lot of my journey to finish out my senior year. Prom and prom weekend were very fun. It was nice to do that last time with the class. I admit I was happy to start counting down the day until it’s over. I’m sad that it is coming to an end. I don’t really want it to. 


Jessica Hoppel