Senior goodbye: Marissa Kelly

Marissa Kelly

Dear Carroll friends, 

I feel so grateful to have gone through this journey with such amazing people. Thank you for learning lessons with me and pushing me to be my best self. High school is no doubt a rough experience for many, but having others to experience it with is such a beautiful thing. I would not have made it through these years, without the people who I’ve bonded with and shared my everyday experiences with. I have never expected to meet such amazing people and be a part of  such an amazing community.

It is the best feeling knowing you are not alone in such a big part of your life, along with your sigh of relief after hearing you’re not the only one who didn’t do the homework. I knew I could always ask for help and count on friends, classmates, and teachers for advice.  The people around me made school more enjoyable and made it easier to learn and interact in class. The school community has taught me how to meet new people and has allowed me to experience different crowds. I had opportunities to help others and teach what I’ve learned. I thank the teachers who look after us all year and do their best to help each and every one of us with whatever it is that we need. I look up to my peers and the people who have impacted my life without even realizing it. 

I will never forget the memories I’ve made during these four years of high school. My advice for future classes is to continue to make each and every day the best you can and don’t take the people around you for granted. Everyone is able to help. Don’t be afraid to ask for it. Be yourself and embrace your interests. As unique as we all are, there are many others just like us. Stay kind and know that the best is yet to come. I feel blessed to be able to say that Carroll has positively influenced my life in the four years I have attended. Thank you again to everyone who has made that possible.

Marissa Kelly