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Seniors look forward to superlatives

Senior superlatives final ballot goes out this week

As the Archbishop Carroll school year progresses,  an annual tradition that adds a touch of excitement and nostalgia to the seniors’ final year – senior superlatives — draws near. These accolades, which are published in the yearbook and range from the heartwarming “cutest couple” to the humorous “bad driver,” have become a cherished part of senior culture, creating lasting memories and sparking a sense of fellowship among classmates.

The process of selecting these superlatives is a collaborative effort, driven by the journalism students, explained Mrs. Diane Gimpel, senior English and Honors Journalism teacher. 

“The categories are chosen by my journalism students in journalism class, and then based on that, I put together a Google form and send it out to the seniors for them to nominate people from each category,” said Mrs. Gimpel.

The journalism students compiled the nominations a week ago. A second Google form will be released this week for the seniors to cast their final votes among the top two or three contenders in each category.

The most popular senior superlatives categories include “cutest couple,” “bad driver,” “athlete most likely to go pro,” and various categories related to punctuality and personalities such as “class clown,” “bromance,” and “best girl friendship.”

Jocelyn Welsh explained her thoughts on this year’s senior superlatives. 

“It is very eye opening to see how everyone views each other,” said Welsh. “I think it’s fun seeing who gets to the top of the list in each category.” 

Mrs. Gimpel emphasized the impact of the senior superlatives photographs, noting that they often make for great memories. From braided hair duos to playful poses with sparkling cider, these images capture the essence of senior personalities and relationships. Reflecting on past superlative winners, one memorable instance involved the “cutest couple who never dated” – a photograph cleverly staged to suggest a kiss, capturing the essence of the superlative in a lighthearted manner.

However, Mrs. Gimpel acknowledged that not every superlative experience is smooth sailing. Last year’s “cutest couple that never dated”  was a bit touchy as individuals who weren’t close friends were nominated. Similarly, the category of “biggest gossip” raised concerns about potential harm, showcasing the delicate balance between humor and sensitivity.

Gabriella Breault shared her excitement about the final winners. 

“I think it’s really interesting to see what people think of each other,” said Breault. “I am excited to see who wins.”

Despite the occasional bumps in the road, senior superlatives are seen as a fun and harmless tradition that adds excitement to the final year. Seniors eagerly await the results, with some going to great lengths, like daily tabulation checks, to see if they emerge victorious.

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