Fabiana Narda: Senior memory

Fabiana Narda

One of the toughest topics to talk about is senior year — my most memorable year with all my best friends. Senior year really showed who people truly are and which friends I am the closest with. Friends come and go through high school but the best true friends last forever. 

Memories that I will never forget with all my classmates are all the fun football games, the hallway talks, classes with all my friends, and my lax team. 

I loved going to any sports game with my friends. We just always had such a great time being all together. We never stopped laughing. That is one thing that breaks my heart — knowing I won’t get to do that again.

All the fun homecoming dances were always special to me, even though we all said we hated the dance. We all always ended up going and having so much fun, just making the best memories! 

The little stuff in school, just seeing all my friends in the early morning — we just always made memories and laughed constantly. 

Something that always felt so special to me is when my friends came to my lacrosse games and cheered me on. I never asked them to come; they all just loved going to some of my games. It’s sad to say that they couldn’t do that for my senior year.