Max Hitman: Senior memory

Max Hitman

As I look back on all of the great times I had at Archbishop Carroll, the one that really sticks out is the 2018 baseball season.

It was my sophomore year and I still felt like the young buck. There were so many great leaders on that team that I don’t even think we had a captain. I looked up to all of the upperclassmen that year and I can confidently say that I learned something from each of them that has helped me both on and off the field.

The one thing that made us such a well-rounded team was that we were all best friends. We were always with each other, whether it was in school, at practice, or when we would all hang out on the weekends. Because we were with each other so much and knew each other so well, the games became easier and easier. We knew we had each other’s backs. We had a great season that year and even though it did not end the way we wanted it to, I will forever be thankful for being a part of that team.