Rayvon Mobley: Senior memory

Rayvon Mobley

In many ways I’ve changed during my last four years at Archbishop Carroll High School, but truly I’ve always have and always will be the same person.

Obviously, I have matured in many ways at Carroll. In my opinion and as I’ve been told by others no matter what, I never seem to switch up and what that means is that I’ll always have that positive look on my face even facing consequences. Just because you might have an opinion about me, that doesn’t affect the way I still look at things. A lot of people in this world tend to be jealous or don’t want to see a person succeed just because the person thinks he can’t and to me that just makes me laugh and become more motivated to be the best version of myself. 

Carroll baseball is another factor that really made me the person I am today. Knowing that our season is officially over has changed my aspect of the game so much. Continuously, every day, I find a way to make myself better in the gym and on the baseball field. It honestly put my mind in a whole other direction because I can’t take these things for granted.