Shane Mullarkey: Senior memory

Shane Mullarkey

High school is always a very memorable experience for most teenagers. Some may have a good experience, some may not. My experience at Archbishop Carroll High School was interesting.

 My freshman and sophomore year weren’t great. No one was to blame but myself. I didn’t open myself up enough. I wasn’t putting in the effort into my classes and I just wanted to get out there as soon as the bell rang in eighth period.

 My understanding of Carroll wasn’t clear until the beginning of junior year when I realized that this school was so much more than a place to learn. It was a second home to me. Of course, I wasn’t thrilled about learning but I made it work. 

I feel that Carroll has made me the person I am today. It introduced me to so many good people who I’m proud to call my friends. 

I am beyond devastated that our senior year was cut short due to the virus. There were many more memories that could have been made. The dedication that Carroll has put into normalizing things as best as possible amazes me. It shows that Carroll truly cares about the students. Although it isn’t the same, Carroll is trying their best to give us as much senior experience as possible. I am forever grateful. 

When this situation is over, I hope to reunite with this school again. Senior year was an amazing experience and I am proud to call myself a Patriot.