Gbelle Gwyan: Senior memory

Gbelle Gwyan

My favorite memory at Carroll was when I helped with freshman Day One my junior and senior year. It felt good to help all the new students coming into Carroll feel welcomed and showing them the way around.

Another reason why I liked it so much was because I had a chance to see my friends again during the summer before school started.

Another time like Day One that I consider as another favorite memory was that one day when little girls would come in a couple hours before a game and the cheerleaders would teach them cheers, how to stunt, and then go out on the field with them and cheer at the game. The girls who came were always so cute and sweet and it was so fun when we would stunt with them. Any girl could come from K-8. I love how it was an opportunity to help encourage the 8th grade girls who want to cheer with us the next year. I loved meeting new people who were either coming to the school or about to start at school.

If I could do both of those again one more time I would with no questions asked.