Kammy Chen: Senior memory

Kammy Chen

I remember those unforgettable moments… For me, senior year is the best year because everything in school gradually became familiar for me. 

 When a wisp of sunshine passed through the window and reflected on my face, I felt relaxed and calm. Seventh period English class is the one in which I always enjoyed learning. After a whole day of busy and tense moods, I felt comfortable attending Mrs. Gimpel’s class. 

There are different kinds of classmates who have their different unique characters. Four or five boys always loved sitting together in a corner and talking through the whole class. The result of their talkative action was to be separated by Mrs. Gimpel. They are cute and silly actually. They always brought jokes and aha moments to the class. Another group of classmates is the one with students who always participate well and study hard. Those classmates are the ones who contributed good answers to the class. I always do both things together. I talked to my friends but meanwhile I did my work. 

We shared good times together. In the senior year, we swam in the knowledge and literature ocean. We, as a class, learned about the luxury and opulence in The Great Gatsby. We sat in a circle and discussed impetuously about Gatsby’s great love for Daisy; we could not understand why Gatsby loved her. We read Hamlet and laughed at Hamlet’s craziness. Sometimes some kids in the class felt bored and started sleeping. Mrs. Gimpel would shout out the sleeping student’s name. She took up a marker and pretended to throw it at some naughty kids for fun. 

Our class was always full of joyful moments. I enjoyed learning every literature piece and I cannot forget every funny scene in the class. This is always going to be a simple but memorable piece of memory in my heart. I have even started missing those classes right now.