Marilynne Kozy

Class of 2021 senior goodbye


Dear Archbishop Carroll, 

Thank you so much for the wonderful memories. It has been a long ride from freshman orientation to senior year.

Carroll has given me most of my best friends I have today and it all started freshman year, during pre-season of volleyball.  Getting involved in Carroll volleyball is and always will be the best decision I have ever made in my life. Volleyball is my favorite sport to play and it has given me the opportunity to grow as a person, and learn how to be a team player. Some of my favorite volleyball memories are our dig pink games, pasta night before a big game, senior night, and winning the PCL championship for four years in a row! Sadly we did not have the chance to play the PCL game this year because of COVID-19. However, playing volleyball in a pandemic during my senior year will be a memory that I will never forget.

Besides volleyball and before COVID, I enjoyed going to the football games, homecoming, basketball games, and THON.  Being a part of the Carroll community has been such a privilege and blessing in my life because of the new family and bonds formed with my classmates.

In addition to my extracurriculars, the classes I took played a huge role in my life at Carroll. I have cherished the countless lessons taught by all of the teachers,  and  I really want to thank them in this letter for always giving their time to help me, especially on things I truly did not understand.

The Carroll community is my second home, and has gifted me with many long lasting friendships, and for that I am forever grateful. The Carroll community shaped the person I am today. I do not know where or who I would be today, if it wasn’t for my friends and peers at Carroll.