Senior goodbye: Nyla Ringgold-Floyd

Nyla Ringgold-Floyd

Dear Carroll,

I was truly terrified learning I would have to start at a new school my senior year, but I was beyond lucky in choosing Carroll as the place to be. That is not to say this place does not have faults, but finding the good within the bad has made my senior year something that I am lucky to have experienced. I owe this school the credit for some of the best people I have ever known. Carroll has given me friends and teachers that I will want to know forever and be eternally grateful for. The love-hate relationship we all have with high school is very real, but in the end the love part definitely wins out.

My sincerest thank yous will always go to those who unintentionally made this year bearable on the roughest of days. That ranges from one of my semi-acquaintances from Hallahan who became the person that made me look forward to our second period every day. To my redhead best friend you can always see me with who knows me better than she will ever admit. My (self acclaimed) quirky twin-flame and beyond close friend who screams and dances in the car with me with no shame when life gets a bit tough some days. My person who has saved me countless times by talking to me every morning for our entire 2 hour bus ride. The guy friends I never expected to make coming from an all girls school that never fail to make me laugh. Finally Ms. Gimpel, who always knows what’s best for each of us with contagious optimism and kindness even when it may not be deserved. 

Going into a new experience is scary in all the best ways, but having my people has made it all the better. This year flew by and there may be a looming fear of who I will become but there is also a bit of optimism in knowing I have been influenced by the people I have chosen to surround myself with. Leaving high school is the definition of a bitter-sweet experience but I know I will come out of this as the best version of myself. I love the person I have become in the past year and I hope others can experience it as well. With all the love in the world, thank you Archbishop John Carroll for my senior year.


Nyla Ringgold-Floyd ‘22