Senior goodbye: Nicole Aigeldinger

Nicole Aigeldiner

Dear Mom,

My time at high school is finally coming to an end and I’m so excited to finish. Though four years may not seem like a long time to most adults, I feel like I’ve been in high school for half of my life. During these four years I’ve grown a lot as a person and truly did love Archbishop Carroll. Even though my first few years here weren’t great, and then COVID hit, my senior year has been so fun. I’ve made so many memories and friendships throughout my time here and I could not be happier about where I chose to spend these four years of my life. Despite the fact many of my favorite memories I’ve made may have been a pain to the teachers, I still enjoyed them nonetheless.

One of the funniest memories I have from Carroll is when we were in the gym for a pep rally after school during sophomore year and we were all sat in the bleachers. Some of the boys brought tiny rubber bands to school and had been flinging them at people or just to fling them. During the pep rally I would guess more than five hundred rubber bands were on the ground in front of our grade when it was over. The floor was literally covered completely in rubber bands and even though our grade had to pick them all up it was still funny and I still have pictures from that day. Another memory I have was when we were freshmen and the senior prank that year was a slip and slide that they did in the lunch hall. I wasn’t there but the videos of it were hilarious and all of the seniors running to get away from the teachers that were coming to stop it was my favorite part. Over the years many good memories have been made at Carroll and I’m glad I picked this school over the many others.

Even though it will be sad to leave and scary to finally be an “adult” and in college, I feel like these years have shaped me to be independent and ready to take on the challenges. However, I will miss my favorite teachers like Mrs. Gimp, Mrs. Mac, Mr. Fry and many others. But most of all, I will miss all the friends I’ve made and miss the feeling of being a high school student. However, I will definitely not miss having to wake up at 6 AM every morning or having to spend $75 to fill up my tank for driving to school every day. I feel this experience has been one of the best high school experiences I could have had and I’m super thankful to the Archbishop Carroll community and super excited to move on to college.

Sincerely, Nicole