Senior prom plans announced

Kelly Fowler, Staff writer

Last year the pandemic led to the cancellation of both the junior and senior proms, so the question is, will the class of 2021 get the chance to attend a prom before being graduated from Archbishop Carroll? The answer is a fabulous yes. 

Senior prom will be 7 to 10 p.m. Monday, June 7, at the Phoenixville Foundry. 

It may look slightly different than traditional proms of years past since we will be masked,” said Mrs. Allison Papantoniou, the assistant principal of student affairs and the organizer of school events, including the prom.  “While safety is our first priority, we will try to keep it as similar to past proms as possible for the Class of 2021.”

Among the differences: Single tickets to the senior prom will be sold only to members of the Class of 2021, including to all-virtual students.  No outsiders are allowed, or are Carroll underclassmen. Additionally, everyone will have to wear masks. The masks can be removed only for pictures with the professional photographer, and those pictures will be individual pictures only — no couples or groups. Also new to the prom will be a quiz show presented in Family Feud-style.

What will be the same: A king and queen will be crowned. A DJ will provide entertainment. Food will be served.

The two-story venue can hold 1,000 people in both outdoor and indoor spaces. Tables and food will be spread throughout both the outside and the inside.

Mrs. Papantoniou, who announced the plans following St. Patrick’s Day Mass today, said changing conditions could affect prom plans.

“Sometimes things change with the CDC {Centers for Disease Control] guidelines,” Mrs. Papantoniou said. “What we have here is what we have right now.”

Mrs. Papantoniou said seniors could do their part to make sure the prom and other senior events happen on schedule and as planned by following rules for mask wearing and social distancing both inside and outside of school.

The news was good to senior Nico Coronel, even if the event will not look like a typical senior prom.

“I’m happy that the seniors are able to have a prom,” Coronel said. “Even if it’s different than other years, as long as we have one instead of cancelling it, I’m happy.”