Kairos will feature food from area eateries

Matthew Boccella, Staff writer

Most details about Kairos, the three-day retreat that will happen next week for more than 80 Archbishop Carroll seniors, are kept secret.

However, Kairos director Father Mark Cavara revealed one recently: where meals will come from.

During past Kairos retreats, the food was provided by the Malvern Retreat House, which is the facility where Kairos typically happens. For past retreats, students arrived at the retreat house on a Tuesday afternoon and stayed through Friday afternoon.

Because of restrictions aimed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, next week’s Kairos retreat will happen Monday through Wednesday at Carroll and students will not stay overnight. The retreatants will leave the school each night at 8:30 p.m. and return the next day at 8:30 a.m.

Aramark, the company that provides Carroll’s food service during school days, will not be feeding the retreatants. Instead, restaurants in the Radnor area will be providing the food. The eateries include Flanigan’s Boathouse, New Deck Tavern, Zac’s Burgers, Angelo’s Pizza, and Bria and Latella.

Most of the other details about the events are being kept secret from students. 

Father Cavara said, ¨I cannot disclose any more information than that.¨

JT McNally, who helped organize next week’s Kairos, said,¨It’s definitely going to be different since having it at school, but we plan on doing the same we would regularly do and adding some new stuff.¨

Having the retreat at school might turn out to be a good thing, according to Mark Boccella, an alumnus of both Carroll and Kairos.

¨Kairos helped to put in perspective the relationships in my life, as well as the purpose of my faith,” Boccella said. “Having it at Carroll might make it harder for students to focus on the retreat, but it might offer some things that the retreat house might not.¨